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CG Motive LLC helps customers visualize their products and better explain complex processes.
When it comes to photo shoots or filming, it’s often difficult to find the right location. sometimes the weather isn’t right, or certain regulations don’t allow photography or filming at the desired location.
Maybe the product doesn’t exist yet because it is still in the planning or production stage.
This is where we can help. We create the location completely in 3D on the computer and put your product in the limelight in a promotionally effective way. This works with products of all kinds and sizes, such as engines, machines, cars, etc.
Complex processes that take place inside a machine, for example, we show by opening the machine “virtually”.
Contact us. We will surely find the right solution for you.

Volker Wendt - CEO and Founder

Volker Wendt has more than 25 years of experience in media production. He worked for 14 years as a 3D and motion graphic artist for a major TV production in Germany, where he headed the graphics and digital media department.
He published several books and numerous articles in magazines about 3D Visualzation and Animation.


Helmar Winkel - Senior Director of Business Development

Helmar Winkel has with 23+ years of experience in international Sales, Marketing and Business Development roles throughout various industries. He is an expert and consultant for Digital Intelligence, Digital Imaging and Simulation, with a vast international network of Business professionals.


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